Fairy QuoteYou don't need to buy a costume for Halloween when you can make one yourself. What is even better is the fact that you don't have to be a tailor or seamstress to sew it together. You just have to be creative and use whatever you have in your closet or get a few of these items from the thrift shop.

Using your imagination and putting different items together is much better than tossing a sheet over your head and saying you're a ghost. Since Halloween doesn't always have to be scary, think of other characters you can play like perhaps a clown, tin man, a pirate or a gorilla.

For a clown outfit, you should start by looking for a colorful pair of sweats pants. If you don't have any, see if there is some other baggy clothing lying around. Since clowns have big buttons on their coveralls, use colorful mesh dish scrubbers which can be found in your kitchen or the grocery.

For your hair, get a wig because it will take more than a day to get off the color on your hair. Get some white makeup for your face and then find a pair of goofy shoes to complete the outfit.

We all know tin man from the wizard of Oz. To dress up just like him, you will see cardboard which will be most of your costume. To make yourself look like him, you can spray the cardboard with silver spray paint or attach aluminum foil all around it.

For your hat, see if there is an old funnel in the garage. You will need black shoes for your feet and silver eye shadow for your face. Another option will be to make your own make up using silver face makeup with cold cream and food coloring. Don't forget to put black eyeliner to draw lines from the corners of your mouth to your chin.

Making a pirate costume is probably the simplest of them all. For this you will need a pair of black or brown hospital scrubs. You then cut the top portion as well as the sleeves to create a vest. To make it look good, sketch and skill and crossbones onto white felt then paste this on the back of vest.

Now put on a white shirt and just wear a pair of jeans. Since not all pirates have wear a hat, you can wear a bandana instead just like some of the characters in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Lastly, to be a gorilla, you will need a lot of black fur and then sew this up to your top and bottom. Since the mask is hard to make, it is best to just get the costume from the store.

Once you have finished planning what you are going to wear, it is time now to look at what accessories there are available. If there are none, then you have to buy it at a thrift shop or consignment store.

Making your costume for Halloween will surely save you a lot of money since most costumes cost more than $20 a set. The best pat is that you don't have to feel guilty when you decide to throw it away since you can probably make a new one the following year.


The X-Men movie has a host of characters that can be a great pick as a Halloween costume. Topping the list to choose from X-Men Days of Future Past is of course, Wolverine, expertly played by Hugh Jackman.

The kids' version of this costume features the muscled torso portion. You can get this costume as a shirt and pants separately but most of them are single piece jumpsuits.

The color is a cross between yellow and gold. The top shirt part of the costume has the blue side color with the sunburst ray design. This same blue is also found on the lower forearm part of the shirtsleeves.

The claws that kids love also come with the costume. They fit over the back of the hand and stay in place with a thin strap. Because they're on the back of the hand, this leaves the child's hand free for them to be able to use.

The belt buckle and mask with the extended eye piece is also included with the purchase. There is an adult version of this costume and it's a replica of the child costume. The mask and claws can also be purchased as individual pieces if you already have a Wolverine jumpsuit.

A costume for Mystique is a big hit with those looking for an eye-catching Halloween costume, but this one is more popular with adults than with children. This is a form fitting blue jumpsuit that has areas marked with small designs on the arms, legs and even part of the face. Blue body paint is needed for the face and hands in order to complete an authentic looking version of this costume.

Storm is another character from the movie that kids love and there is a costume for her. This costume is made of form fitting cropped pants and a short dress that goes over them.

There is a cape that hangs down the back of the dress and fingerless gloves are included. The material of the pants and dress is stretchy so it's an easy fitting costume. It can also be accessorized with a wig.

Kids love the Beast, played by Nicholas Hoult in the movie. You can find this costume as well. It consists of a black and blue on piece jumpsuit with a large yellow x design on the front of it. The mask comes with the costume but is a separate piece.

The Rogue costume from this movie is another favorite. This costume is a yellow and green skater dress with green leggings and yellow go-go boots. You can also find the tank top edition instead of the dress. There's also a green and yellow jumpsuit version of the costume.